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  • The illusion of the American Frontier

    Over the course of the nineteenth century, the conquest of the Wild West became more than a historical event in the founding of the United States of America, developing into a universal myth in which legend progressively replaced history.

    In the arts, fascination for those majestic unex...

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  • El Greco-Rusiñol

    This small tribute the Museo Carmen Thyssen is paying to El Greco is linked to Rusiñol. It features one of the paintings that were acquired by Rusiñol, Saint Peter in Tears, along with a copy by Zuloaga, a faithful devotee of the Cretan. Another work by Rusiñol copies what wa...

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  • Julio Romero de Torres. Between Myth and Tradition

    The aim of the exhibition Julio Romero de Torres. Between Myth and Tradition, curated by Lourdes Moreno, is to present a survey of the work of one of the most popular Spanish painters and to reflect on his artistic career through the different sections devoted to the most frequently recurring mot...

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