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  • El Greco-Rusiñol

    This small tribute the Museo Carmen Thyssen is paying to El Greco is linked to Rusiñol. It features one of the paintings that were acquired by Rusiñol, Saint Peter in Tears, along with a copy by Zuloaga, a faithful devotee of the Cretan. Another work by Rusiñol copies what wa...

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  • Context exhibition: Faith and Fervour in the Carmen Thyssen Collection. Simone Martini, Van Dyck, Gauguin

    The aim of the exhibition Faith and Fervour in the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection is to drawn attention to paintings on religious subjects in the Carmen Thyssen Collection. This lesser known aspect of the Collection is in fact represented by works of outstanding quality due to the remarkabl...

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  • Casas-Rusiñol. Two modernist visions

    Bourgeois, Bohemians, successful painters in Spain and Europe and foremost practitioners of Catalan modernism, Ramón Casas (1866–1932) and Santiago Rusiñol (1861–1931) are two of the great Spanish artists of the late 1800s who revitalised the painting scene of their day ...

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