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  • Sorolla. New York Sketches

    The Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga is showing a rare set of gouaches and drawings made by Joaquín Sorolla in New York. These fascinating urban views and night scenes from the Museo Sorolla will allow visitors to discover a little-known side of the Valencian artist.


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  • Casas-Rusiñol. Two modernist visions

    Bourgeois, Bohemians, successful painters in Spain and Europe and foremost practitioners of Catalan modernism, Ramón Casas (1866–1932) and Santiago Rusiñol (1861–1931) are two of the great Spanish artists of the late 1800s who revitalised the painting scene of their day ...

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  • Max Ernst: natural history

    A key figure in the development of art in the 20th century, the German painter, sculptor and graphic artist Max Ernst (Brühl, 1891−Paris, 1976) set out to visualise a unique and fascinating dream world in his works. The Natural History (Histoire naturelle) series, one...

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