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'Summertime' film cycle

Del 09 al 30 de julio de 2015
'Summertime' film cycle
  • Date and time:

    From 9 to 30 July 2015, 10pm

  • Price:

    Free entry until all seats filled All those wishing to attend should collect their tickets at the Museum’s information desks the day before the film showing. Maximum 4 tickets per person.

In conjunction with the current temporary exhibition, the Museum is presenting a film cycle that will reveal the continuity and evolution of life in summertime, the origins of which lie with mid-19th-century society and which gradually took root in the customs and habits of the bourgeoisie and subsequently in the everyday life of working people..

The beach thus ceased to be a marginal space largely used for work and became a setting for leisure and human relations. This new context offers filmmaking the opportunity to reassess classic themes, encouraging the viewer to reflect on our own society and its contradictions. 

Employing a wide range of different registers and seen from the particular viewpoint of each filmmaker, the films to be shown lead us to question our own identities and that of others, as well as ask what we can do to achieve that promise of freedom that is experienced with particular intensity during the summertime.

9 July
Novio a la vista
Spain, 1954
82 min.
In the early 20th century, summer was often no more than an excuse for young single girls to go to the beach in search of possible suitors. Loli’s mother takes her daughter to the fashionable beach at San Sebastián with the aim of finding her a suitable young man, in this case a promising engineer whom they have met through spending the summer in the same place every year. Loli, however, is in love with Enrique, a boy her own age, who is forced by his family to spend the summer preparing for his exams in September. 

16 July
Death in Venice
Italy, 1971
127 min.
This film is an adaptation of Thomas Mann’s novel of the same title. In the early 20th century, a German composer in poor health and whose last work was a failure arrives in Venice to spend the summer. There he becomes deeply attracted to a beautiful, angelic teenage boy, an emotion that will consume him as death and decline arrive in the city through an outbreak of disease.

23 July
Pauline on the Beach
France, 1983
94 min.
Pauline is a fifteen-year-old who spends the summer on the French Atlantic coast with her cousin Marion. The latter finds herself there with Pierre, an old friend, who is attracted to her. Marion, however, prefers the adventurous Henri although she knows their relationship will be short-lived. Meanwhile, Pauline also has a romance. This is the third in Rohmer’s series “Comedies and proverbs”. 

30 July
Moonrise Kingdom
USA, 2012
94 min.
In the 1960s two young lovers who have run away from their village are searched for by friends and relatives. Old resentments and hidden romantic relationships between some of those involved in the search thus come to light.

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