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Summer Days in the Collection

Del 26 de mayo al 06 de septiembre de 2015
Summer Days in the Collection
  • Date and time:

    From 26 Mayo to 6 September 2015

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    Available with Permanent Collection or Combined tickets

As a complement to the exhibition Summer Days. From Sorolla to Hopper, the Museo Carmen Thyssen is proposing a tour of a selection of works from the permanent collection on themes closely related to the subject of the temporary show.

Artists of the 1800s and early 1900s increasingly turned their attention to beaches as part of their growing interest in everyday life and landscape, which became two of the most popular painting genres of the period. However, they did not portray them simply as beautiful and captivating nature spots, but rather as leisure spaces that were discovered and frequented by the bourgeoisie beginning in the mid-1800s.

This, coupled with the widespread fashion among the wealthy social classes for spending their summers at coastal or inland resorts, spurred the incorporation of new subjects and settings into contemporary painting, as illustrated by the chosen examples, which depict places, customs, clothing, and forms of leisure and relaxation.

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