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You’re free

Del 28 de marzo al 18 de abril de 2015
You’re free
  • Date and time:

    28 March to 18 April 2015

You’re free

In conjunction with the temporary exhibition Summer Days. From Sorolla to Hopper we will be associating the idea of holiday time to that of freedom. Summer is normally the time of the year when we at least temporarily escape from the routine of the daily round, from pre-established routes and habitual actions which we repeat more or less without changes every day.

Going straight to the point, we are heading the Walls&Networks board with the statement “You’re free”.

Basing themselves on this title, participants can express themselves using the chalk as their tool.

There are no rules, just the idea of bearing in mind the meaning of this phrase, which reminds us that we are the masters of our own freedom, even though those longed-for but far off summer days haven’t arrived yet. 

The way in which participants exercise this freedom of expression will enable us to undertake a documentary follow-up that will be presented to the public on Facebook.

Main Hall of the Museum. Walls&Networks space.