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The Auditorium

The Auditorium

The Museum has an Auditorium seating 80 people in which its events are held, including an extensive programme of lectures, concerts, films and more.

The Auditorium is available for hire for external events. It is equipped with the latest technology including a 320-inch screen, projector, technical support, fixed and wireless microphones, simultaneous translation, etc.

The materials used in the construction and installation of the Auditorium are of outstanding quality. This space is equipped to hold any type of event or corporate, cultural or institutional presentation.

  • Location

    Ground floor, services building

  • Capacity

    Maximum 80 people

  • Area

    84.40 square metres

  • Availability and times

    Half-day: 5 hours (9am to 2pm or 4pm to 9pm)

    Full day

  • Technical specifications

    Technical specifications

    The Auditorium is equipped with cutting edge audiovisual technology and equipment:

    • Integral control of the audiovisual systems through tactile screen, as well as remote control of the systems via pc.
    • Image project and HD video on motorised screen of 3,000 mm x 3,000mm with 2 simultaneous VGA PC and MAC connections. Also allows for HDMI-VDI connection.
    • Disk player in CD, DVD, Bluray, MP3 and MPEG format.
    • Amplified and stereo sound system.
    • Conference and wireless microphone system.
    • Simultaneous wireless translation system with amplification capacity.
    • Dimmer lighting.
    • XLR audio connections for the press with 24 connection distributor, with adjustable sound.
    • Wireless internet connection (WIFI).
  • Auditorium

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    The Column Courtyard
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    The Grand Hall
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    Board Room
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    The Foundation

    Transparency and participation are elements that permeate the activity of the Museo Carmen Thyssen. Citizens demand and deserve to have all the information on the Museum's activities, not only because of its public nature, but also to engage in all the artistic and cultural activities that we promote.

  • Sponsorship and collaborators

    Sponsorship and collaborators

    Join an institution with an image that is a benchmark in the world of art and culture globally. Show your commitment to culture by sponsoring a museum.

  • Hire our spaces

    Hire our spaces

    Create a unique corporate event in the Museum; bring culture and work together, leaving routine behind to dazzle and surprise in one of our spaces. Discover a unique setting in the centre of Malaga.

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    Private tours

    Feel special within the Museum, enjoy guided tours when the Museum's doors are closed, with guides and tours tailored to your needs. Enjoy an unforgettable artistic experience.