Emotional laboratory

From October 13, 2016 to June 02, 2017
Emotional laboratory
  • Days and times:

    From 13 October 2016 to 02 June 2017

    Creative visit: 10 to 11.30am
    Workshop visit: 10 to 12.30am

  • Information and enrolment:

    From 19 September
    952 217 511

  • Price:

    Creative visit: 30 euros per group
    Workshop visit: 40 euros per group

  • Participants:

    2nd and 3rd Year Primary School pupils accompanied by 1 or 2 teachers from their educational centre. Maximum 25 pupils per session.

Creative visit

Every day we coexist with emotions: we are what we feel. Emotions are the internal reflection of a given situation that changes our way of feeling in one way or another. Emotions take root in us, leading us to behave in a particular way and on occasions making it difficult for us to maintain a rational control over ourselves.
Aimed at Primary School pupils, this course will involve looking at the different emotions that works of art in the museum arouse in us in order to compare them with similar situations in everyday life.
By analysing them more closely, we will be aiming to acquire greater linguistic competence that will allow us to put names to emotions and thus better understand how and why certain circumstances in life affect us.

Workshop visit

During the workshop visit participants will engage in creative practice in order to give visual and motor form to specific emotions. How can we visually express feelings such as frustration, gratitude, affection, etc?